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Multicloud DR

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We launched The Mosaic podcast for GovCon IT leaders seeking to stay on top of emerging multicloud technology and trends – compliance, cybersecurity, usability and more.

Constantly focused on systems delivery and serving your stakeholders? It's hard to keep up. Listen to or watch the Mosaic podcast to learn what's new.

Mosaic Pod

Every month on The Mosaic we piece together key facets of a tricky multicloud challenge — diving into big obstacles (hint: users, staffing and budget), workshopping solutions, then finally revealing the winning project gameplan. And we always wrap with a focus on practical future-proofing with some of the smartest IT players from TBS, Deltek, Oracle, Alfresco, Microsoft and more.

Listen to The Mosaic podcast by hitting the link below, or jump into our podcast page on YouTube for more.

“Is there a DR in the cloud?

(Episode 7)

   TBS CIO, Eamon Robinson, sits down with our Jay Ethridge and Eric Brown to explain that, yes, there really are disaster recovery solutions that work with every app and every cloud. Indeed, Eamon shares that the Mosaic Multicloud has leveraged just such a gem to safeguard hundreds of clients for over a decade. Two big take-aways – disaster recovery readiness for every system (including Costpoint) is serious business, and it's not as hard as you think.

Not sure where to get started with your disaster recovery readiness for Deltek?


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When it comes to disaster recovery practices for Deltek our team has seen it all – isolated ERP back-ups with no connection to the broader business, DR programs strong in theory but never tested, and, of course, inadequate and non-compliant readiness regimes. Common DR projects we deliver for Deltek include:

  • “Blank sheet” Costpoint suite planning for back-up practices and disaster recovery protocols, includes readiness workshops for response times, recovery point metrics, and audit mandates
  • Disaster recovery program testing and validation for Costpoint and connected apps
  • Multi-scenario infrastructure and data storage projections for Costpoint suite disaster readiness
  • Design, build and deployment for fail-safe disaster recovery programs and infrastructure for Costpoint and more.

No matter the state of your current disaster recovery readiness, our team is nimble, flexible, and ready to meet basic back-up needs and sophisticated resiliency challenges.

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Mosaic multicloud disaster recovery as a service


Multicloud DRaaS

Resilient Deltek data and apps in a run-ready state.

To assure resilience for your multicloud enterprise you need scalable data management, back-ups, and recovery spanning every app and every system, no matter where and how they're deployed.

Mosaic disaster recovery as a service safeguards both the data and the application layers for your entire Costpoint suite – optionally including every system connected to your Deltek too – all powered by an agentless platform deployed in minutes that gives you complete control. With Mosaic DR you enjoy comprehensive redundancy for your critical business systems, seamless compliance and audit support, and peace of mind through any disaster.

Mosaic’s unified DRaaS automatically protects and ensures your entire Costpoint and Deltek suite in a run-ready state, no matter where it’s deployed in production – Mosaic cloud environments, Azure, AWS, your hosting centers, even Deltek’s public SaaS platform. Mosaic DR may also be leveraged for any system deployment beyond Deltek – whether on-premise or elsewhere in the cloud – providing you a single, comprehensive, fail-safe repository for all your enterprise systems.

Mosaic DRaaS seamlessly distributes your data in real time for geographic storage and recovery redundancy. 

Mosaic DR features 256-AES encryption across the entire data layer with 128-bit CFS security for run-ready Deltek apps, both in-flight and at-rest.

Mosaic DR is compliant with all ITAR, NIST, CMMC, CMS, DISA and FISMA standards, all assured with an annual SOC2 Type II audit.

Restore your Costpoint suite instantly from the Mosaic cloud if disaster strikes. Live DR is optionally available for other systems too.

Runs on any infrastructure and workload with virtually no footprint. Simple set-up instantly streams encrypted back-ups for Mosaic protection.

Works seamlessly with existing back-up appliances and procedures for enhanced and interlocking reliance.

Unified DR dashboard for your multicloud with comprehensive controls, audit logging and rich reporting.

Automatic 48-hour recovery for all data running Mosaic DRaaS.

Adding unified Mosaic disaster recovery for your Deltek data, applications and more, ensures uninterrupted delivery and performance for your contracts, stakeholders, and customers, even when unexpected emergencies strike.

Senior Business Analyst, University of Dayton Research Institute

“We’ve simply had no better relationship with any cloud or IT services provider than with TBS – a true partner in every sense of the word. Peerless Deltek experts too.”

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Map your Multicloud.

If you're looking to optimize or diversify the Deltek cloud mix for your business, our practical multicloud planning guide is a great place to start.

The guide helps visualize your cloud landscape and strategize a path forward for better utilization and allocation of resources – including your assets, your budget and your people.

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Whenever you're ready we're here to partner with you, shaping scattered systems to create a beautiful multicloud mosaic.

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