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Multicloud Migrations

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We launched The Mosaic podcast for GovCon IT leaders seeking to stay on top of emerging multicloud technology and trends – compliance, cybersecurity, usability and more.

Constantly focused on systems delivery and serving your stakeholders? It's hard to keep up. Listen to or watch the Mosaic podcast to learn what's new.

Mosaic Pod

Every month on The Mosaic we piece together key facets of a tricky multicloud challenge — diving into big obstacles (hint: users, staffing and budget), workshopping solutions, then finally revealing the winning project gameplan. And we always wrap with a focus on practical future-proofing with some of the smartest IT players from TBS, Deltek, Oracle, Alfresco, Microsoft and more.

Listen to The Mosaic podcast by hitting the link below, or jump into our podcast page on YouTube for more.

“Can I just claim asylum? Why are Costpoint cloud migrations so perilous?
(Episode 2)

   Gordon Crickman, VP and General Manager of Mosaic Multicloud, provides insights from his more than 25-year Costpoint IT career revealing his top 5 warning signs that a Costpoint cloud migration is in danger of failure. He also tells our Eric Brown about some of the most disastrous migrations he's witnessed (NOT OURS! 😊), including Costpoint moves spanning 30 months and running 900% over budget, and an epic Costpoint failure that's downright comical. Though these painful lessons may leave you running for refuge, you'll learn a ton too.

Not sure where to get started with your Deltek migration?


Our consultants are ready to help.

Though every cloud migration poses its own unique challenges, we have the experience, confidence and methodology to ensure your success. Common Deltek transition projects we regularly deliver include:

  • On-premise Costpoint suite moves to consolidated corporate hosting centers, including application updates and upgrades and data conversions
  • Migrations to Deltek’s Costpoint SaaS platform, including performance testing and right-sizing your servers so you pick the best plan
  • Moves to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft GovCloud, including Costpoint systems and connected applications – spanning Office 365 tenants, plus HCM, CRM and other connected solutions
  • Comprehensive Project Management for any cloud migration, with inclusive cross-team planning, recommendations for platform specifications, options for scheduling and milestones, complete testing and no-fail launches, and full-scope training.

If your Costpoint cloud move is looming large or you’re stuck half-way there, we can help. Our professional services team has pretty much seen it all. We'll help figure out your best path forward, and ensure your successful cloud migration.

Let's get started.

Managed cloud migrations for Costpoint and more


Managed Cloud Migrations

No matter your cloud destination we'll get you there.

As a powerful and complex ERP, Deltek Costpoint migrations must be managed with careful planning, robust testing, and clear communications. That's true whether moving from your own hosting centers to a TBS Mosaic cloud environment or to Deltek’s public cloud platform, and for Costpoint migrations from one Cloud provider to another.

Throughout our two decades as one of Deltek’s leading Cloud partners, we’ve led over 5,000 migrations spanning every Deltek product and every environment imaginable. This rich experience shapes our no-fail Costpoint migration methodology, and powers a depth of expertise to ensure your success.

When it comes to Deltek Costpoint, we support every cloud platform and every provider. We confidently and collaboratively guide your Costpoint migration, so you meet every benchmark along the way, on time and on budget.

Whether you require SQL or Oracle databases or both, our engineers and data consultants ensure the best performance for your Deltek system. We optimize your target infrastructure, recommend the right database versions and feature sets, and perform any data conversions, consolidations, and tuning you may need.

Deltek’s recommended application infrastructure for its Costpoint suite doesn’t always match the performance and delivery demands of your users. We review and right-size your target infrastructure to ensure your new cloud for Deltek meets your business needs, giving you optimal performance and throughput, and a responsive Costpoint experience.

Hand in hand with your migration and test plans, we make sure that your staging and other environments are properly resourced and deployed. We provide, train, and enforce best practices for user provisioning and access, and recommend tailored and effective test plans and timing for your environments to meet your go-live goals.

Costpoint Cloud migrations are an opportune time to finally catch up on your application and database updates, and move to the latest – and most stable – releases. We manage it all for you, making sure your versions meet your user requirements and functional needs, then incorporating all updates into your test and training plans.

Integrations with your corporate, client and other systems are often a major component of any Costpoint Cloud migration. Our team is available to tackle any functional, environmental and user support for your current integrations. We’re also ready to help with any integration updates, enhancements and additions you may need.

No matter your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system – Aspire Docs (TBS SkyVault), Alfresco, SharePoint, Hyland, and more – we update and configure your CMIS connections for Costpoint, and provide robust security and functional testing.

Our Costpoint migration test plans are careful and comprehensive, and driven with your users in mind. No matter your timeline, we ensure the proper mix for your key stakeholders balancing training, testing, documentation, and validation, so everyone feels comfortable and confident to launch.

We support every protocol and user validation method no matter your provider or preference. Costpoint migrations are also the best time to streamline and harden user access controls, including the latest CMMC 2.0 requirements.

Whichever cloud you choose for Deltek – from a custom TBS environment built to your exact requirements and compliance demands to Deltek's shared public cloud for Costpoint – our team stands ready to be your partner. We've led numerous migrations to and from AWS, Azure, Oracle and more. We'll help you migrate your Deltek system to any cloud provider with careful guidance, rigorous testing, and a collaborative approach that yields success.

Applied Research Associates
Ian Groves, Corporate IT Business Platform Manager, Applied Research Associates

“I cannot thank the TBS team enough for all the extraordinary work over these past two months. Our plan was crazy, in all honesty, but we got it done, and we all did it well. This has been the best large migration I have been a part of bar none, especially considering all the constraints! Looking forward to a continued excellent partnership, I’m so happy we went with TBS and made a long-term commitment.”

Supported products and services

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Map your Multicloud.

If you're looking to optimize or diversify the Deltek cloud mix for your business, our practical multicloud planning guide is a great place to start.

The guide helps visualize your cloud landscape and strategize a path forward for better utilization and allocation of resources – including your assets, your budget and your people.

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Whenever you're ready we're here to partner with you, shaping scattered systems to create a beautiful multicloud mosaic.

Bon voyage!