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We launched The Mosaic podcast for GovCon IT leaders seeking to stay on top of emerging multicloud technology and trends – compliance, cybersecurity, usability and more.

Constantly focused on systems delivery and serving your stakeholders? It's hard to keep up. Listen to or watch the Mosaic podcast to learn what's new.

Mosaic Pod

Every month on The Mosaic we piece together key facets of a tricky multicloud challenge — diving into big obstacles (hint: users, staffing and budget), workshopping solutions, then finally revealing the winning project gameplan. And we always wrap with a focus on practical future-proofing with some of the smartest IT players from TBS, Deltek, Oracle, Alfresco, Microsoft and more.

Listen to The Mosaic podcast by hitting the link below, or jump into our podcast page on YouTube for more.

“You can do that with Costpoint?!

(Episode 3)

   Join Eric Brown, TBS COO, original Deltek co-founder and creator of System 1, as he charts the twisting path that led to today's market-leading Costpoint suite. Along the way he reveals hidden functionality, dev frameworks, and data objects that surprisingly make Costpoint a ready "integration engine" for virtually any business use case imaginable. Eric wraps with his "extensibility and custom app all stars" for Deltek Costpoint. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised.

Not sure where to get started with your Deltek integration or customization?


Our consultants are ready to help.

It’s not a stretch to say that our team has more Costpoint app development experience than perhaps even Deltek itself. Our dev group includes an original founder who wrote Deltek’s first ERP, as well as a former head of Deltek’s Costpoint framework team. Common Deltek development projects we deliver include:

  • Costpoint integrations with any HCM provider – Workday, ADP, Ceridian, and more
  • Database synchronizations for manufacturing systems such as – Manufacturo, Epicor and TIPQA
  • EVM system data connections for Costpoint – COBRA, Risky Project, SNA Proteus and Primavera
  • Custom Costpoint extensions for timesheet authorizations, labor designations, budgeting, A/P approvals and more
  • Data-lake and data-warehouse interoperability for Costpoint, including Azure, Databricks, IBM, Oracle, even Cosmos DBs.

If you’re looking to connect your Costpoint system to any other solution anywhere (including on-premise or any cloud provider), or your Deltek suite is no longer content on its own corporate island, our data consultants and app developers are ready to assist.

Let's get started.

Integrations, custom apps & extensibility for Deltek


Integrations and Custom Apps

Costpoint customizations and integrations from a uniquely talented team.

Most organizations with Costpoint at their core rely upon several integrations to knit their enterprise together.

Mosaic's multicloud team connects and manages all your mission-critical systems with Deltek to deliver a seamless error-free experience: your HCM, Manufacturing, Earned Value Management, Enterprise Content Management, Analytics and more.

Our team leverages a full range of ETL synchronizations, Costpoint extensions, and custom apps to match the best functionality, performance, and data management for your systems and your users.

Every multicloud system integration that syncs to an app in the Mosaic cloud is secured and automated by Aspire Connect, adding unparalleled compliance and handy functionality that you control.

As you move your apps to the Mosaic cloud, we ensure that any connections with your Deltek system (whether on-premise, in your hosting centers, or on another cloud) are fully up to date. We apply any fixes, updates, and upgrades you may need.

The Mosaic development team has built more than 300 custom apps for Costpoint, leveraging a broad range of protocols, APIs, deployment techniques and ETL methods. Whatever your desired functionality, we bring it to life.

The Mosaic development team boasts rich experience across the entire breadth of Costpoint functionality including the extensibility suite.

Indeed, many members of our team come from the ranks of Deltek’s most senior developers, including Deltek’s Lead Costpoint Architect, the Deltek Senior Developer responsible for Costpoint’s Projects Module, and the original author of Costpoint’s Calculate Bills, Load Labor Rates and Compute Revenue apps.

The TBS Development team reports to our COO Eric Brown, an original Deltek Founder, creator of the very first commercially available GovCon accounting software (called System 1), and Executive-In-Charge of Costpoint Development while at Deltek for 20+ years.

Supporting every configuration and any application, we embrace and extend your multicloud Deltek deployment across all your infrastructure and with all your providers. Mosaic integrations and custom apps stitch together your entire cloud fabric providing universal data management, reliability, and governance for your Costpoint suite.

IS Solutions Analyst, Orano Federal Services

“Due to our highly regulated data and reporting requirements, and our global reach, we’ve bent and added to Costpoint in inumerable ways. The TBS dev team has led the charge and delivered, time and again.”

Supported products and services

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Map your Multicloud.

If you're looking to optimize or diversify the Deltek cloud mix for your business, our practical multicloud planning guide is a great place to start.

The guide helps visualize your cloud landscape and strategize a path forward for better utilization and allocation of resources – including your assets, your budget and your people.

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Whenever you're ready we're here to partner with you, shaping scattered systems to create a beautiful multicloud mosaic.

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