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Compliance Console

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We launched The Mosaic podcast for GovCon IT leaders seeking to stay on top of emerging multicloud technology and trends – compliance, cybersecurity, usability and more.

Constantly focused on systems delivery and serving your stakeholders? It's hard to keep up. Listen to or watch the Mosaic podcast to learn what's new.

Mosaic Pod

Every month on The Mosaic we piece together key facets of a tricky multicloud challenge — diving into big obstacles (hint: users, staffing and budget), workshopping solutions, then finally revealing the winning project gameplan. And we always wrap with a focus on practical future-proofing with some of the smartest IT players from TBS, Deltek, Oracle, Alfresco, Microsoft and more.

Listen to The Mosaic podcast by hitting the link below, or jump into our podcast page on YouTube for more.

“Let's solve for CMMC
(Episode 3)

   What's one thing any GovCon can do to kick-start CMMC compliance? Thought leaders from the CMMC Consortium join The Mosaic Podcast to share their insights. Tune in to hear both big ideas and practical advice spanning teaming, technology, AI, IT collaboration and more. Listen or watch The Mosaic Podcast on your favorite app.

Not sure how to get a handle on unified compliance management for your Deltek cloud?


Our consultants are ready to help.

With overlapping regulatory regimes and the rise of CMMC, comprehensive visibility and control for systems compliance is especially challenging for government contractors. Our compliance team’s rich experience spans numerous deployment scenarios and industry verticals. Common regulatory readiness projects we deliver for multicloud Deltek deployments include:

  • Business and systems analysis to surface current risks and validate compliance, including ITAR, CMS, DCAA, and NIST800 / CMMC 2.0
  • Practical crosswalks for your current IT controls, including gap analysis and approachable action plans for mitigation
  • CMMC-readiness scorecards and SPRS (Supplier Performance Risk System) portal submissions 
  • Guided self-assessments for CMMC
  • C3PAO matchmaking.

Whether you’re looking for unified technology to monitor and mitigate your systems compliance, or hands-on collaboration to help you understand the strengths and gaps in your controls, our consultants are ready and eager to dive in.

Let's get started.

One compliance console for your multicloud stack



Multicloud compliance at your fingertips.

From CMMC 2.0 and NIST800 to ITAR and more, compliance mandates for government contractor information systems are extensive, interlocking and ever expanding.

When you embrace multicloud deployments, you amplify the complexity of compliance. With Mosaic multicloud management we monitor the breadth of your systems – every server, every cloud, every instance, every deployment – delivering consolidated compliance visibility and metrics in one centralized app.

Mosaic’s multicloud console simplifies compliance, enabling you to ditch manual data collection, spreadsheet maintenance, and confusing “crosswalks” for too many systems. You gain visibility and proactive risk management with Mosaic, empowering you to finally prioritize compliance remediation, and stop playing catch-up.

Spanning your entire multicloud infrastructure, the Mosaic compliance console shows your complete regulatory landscape on a single screen. Mosaic maps your existing IT controls across all your frameworks, so you instantly see all your gaps and “hot spots” to prioritize action.

Drilling down from broad organizational risks, easily flip your console view to see how they stack by discreet compliance regimes. Mosaic's console aggregates risks by framework so you see how individual programs are performing across your deployments.

Beyond pinpoint analysis, proactive compliance control requires regular communications for a range of audiences. Tailor reports and action plans for your auditors, security teams, executive leadership, key stakeholders and more.

The Mosaic multicloud compliance console seamlessly syncs with your favorite security platforms giving you easy end-to-end visibility.

Fresh visual representations bring focus and prioritization to your compliance console. Granular details for your controls and frameworks are just a few clicks away. Mosaic’s dashboard boldly matches your compliance programs with your objectives, so you never lose sight of your security strategy.

NIST800, CMMC 2.0, ITAR, CMS, DISA, DOE, SOX compliance and more. Mosaic delivers complete visibility to protect and control your multicloud landscape.

Chief Administrative Officer, Foreign Resource Development Associates, LLC

“As our compliance goalposts continue to move – first NIST800, then CMMC 2.0, and whatever's coming next – the TBS team has supported us every step of the way.”  

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Map your Multicloud.

If you're looking to optimize or diversify the Deltek cloud mix for your business, our practical multicloud planning guide is a great place to start.

The guide helps visualize your cloud landscape and strategize a path forward for better utilization and allocation of resources – including your assets, your budget and your people.

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Whenever you're ready we're here to partner with you, shaping scattered systems to create a beautiful multicloud mosaic.

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