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Multicloud Dashboard

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We launched The Mosaic podcast for GovCon IT leaders seeking to stay on top of emerging multicloud technology and trends – compliance, cybersecurity, usability and more.

Constantly focused on systems delivery and serving your stakeholders? It's hard to keep up. Listen to or watch the Mosaic podcast to learn what's new.

Mosaic Pod

Every month on The Mosaic we piece together key facets of a tricky multicloud challenge — diving into big obstacles (hint: users, staffing and budget), workshopping solutions, then finally revealing the winning project gameplan. And we always wrap with a focus on practical future-proofing with some of the smartest IT players from TBS, Deltek, Oracle, Alfresco, Microsoft and more.

Listen to The Mosaic podcast by hitting the link below, or jump into our podcast page on YouTube for more.

“SIEM on steroids
(Episode 5)

   Multicloud leader Gordon Crickman joins Jay Ethridge to bandy back and forth on the benefits and underlying technology that make Mosaic's Agile Dashboard an indispensable tool for managing all your infrastructure. Get complete visibility and control in one centralized command center for everything you're running – on-premise, in your hosting centers, and with multiple cloud providers. The efficiencies are strong and staggering. It's almost like cheating.

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Consolidated reporting and centralized visibility are two core challenges with multicloud management. We know because – for more than 20 years – we’ve run a sprawling and diverse, yet unified and responsive universe of environments for hundreds of organizations with critical delivery and compliance demands. Agile cloud management is a top request from nearly every new Mosaic IaaS client too. Common multilcloud management and reporting projects we deliver include:

  • “Single pane of glass” performance views for every system and infrastructure connected with Costpoint covering every platform and provider
  • Real-time access, throughput, and compute telemetry for Deltek Costpoint SaaS – anticipate slowdowns and enhance provisioning
  • Regular reports for app and database layer activity cross-referenced with Costpoint apps and processes to pinpoint improvements
  • Bespoke dashboards for specialized corporate apps and homegrown installments providing true unified visibility.

Mosaic agile cloud management and reporting gives you and your stakeholders enhanced multicloud delivery and confidence.

What can we create for you?

Agile management & reporting for your multicloud


Agile Cloud Reporting

Multiple clouds. Singular control.

Maintaining grip and governance on your multicloud deployments is a daunting challenge that requires constant awareness, performance benchmarking, and intelligent prompts for action.

Mosaic delivers complete multicloud visibility, program control, and rich reporting in a unified dashboard for all your systems everywhere – Mosaic cloud environments, on-premise, in your hosting centers, or with Azure, Oracle, AWS, Deltek SaaS, and more.

Mosaic all-in-one Cloud management keeps you in control.

The Mosaic multicloud dashboard brings together on-premise, corporate hosting center, Mosaic cloud environments, Azure, AWS and more into a single command center, securely available on any admin device.

Enjoy a seamless, familiar, and consistent control paradigm across your entire stack. The Mosaic multicloud dashboard delivers efficiency and convenience.

All your databases, clusters (Kubernetes), virtual machines and other infrastructure running in one dashboard for your entire multicloud ecosystem.

Optionally add any custom locations that sit atop your standard resources to your Mosaic dashboard too.

Mosaic's management dashboard provides constant multicloud governance, with real-time performance telemetry and rich data sets always available for action. Standard dashboard libraries are instantly enabled from day zero. Add virtually limitless custom views and analyses as you go.

Mosaic delivers the multicloud promise – diversified delivery and performance, with singular purpose and peace of mind.

Senior Software Engineer, Millennium Space Systems

“We’ve simply had no better relationship with any cloud or IT services provider than with TBS – a true partner in every sense of the word. Peerless Deltek experts too.”

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Map your Multicloud.

If you're looking to optimize or diversify the Deltek cloud mix for your business, our practical multicloud planning guide is a great place to start.

The guide helps visualize your cloud landscape and strategize a path forward for better utilization and allocation of resources – including your assets, your budget and your people.

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Whenever you're ready we're here to partner with you, shaping scattered systems to create a beautiful multicloud mosaic.

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