Infrastructure & Security

Infrastructure And Security Of A Higher Order

You may be surprised to learn that by hosting your Deltek® or Intuit® software in the TBS cloud you are availing your organization to a more robust infrastructure and a greater level of security than you are likely to create in-house or find anywhere else. In fact TBS’s hosting environment is so robust and secure that it creates a qualifying environment whereby our clients can pass the “IT Controls” section of a financial statement audit and even a Sarbanes-Oxley audit on their own financial system.

From two collocation Class A Data Centers in McLean, VA and Atlanta, GA, TBS provides superior hosting services and support to more than 480 clients and their over 23,000 users around the world.

A Heightened Level of Security

There’s security, and then there’s TBS security. Our secure, top-tier hosting environment can be accessed only by a handful of TBS employees with biometric badges and matching palm prints.

Other major security features include:

  • SSL or AES 256 encryption for all data entering or leaving the hosting facility
  • Cisco Powered Firewall & Intrusion Detection systems
  • Multi-layer security control procedures, dual factor biometric physical access, and 24/7 video and alarm monitoring
  • Uninterruptible redundant AC and DC power solutions that are flexible and upgradeable
  • HVAC-redundant design with air distribution under raised flooring
  • Smoke detection systems above and below raised flooring
  • Double-interlock, pre-action, dry-pipe fire suppression

In addition, TBS load balances across multiple hardware components and utilizes a shared set of application software. This step allows us to provide consistent version and upgrade control across our entire client base.

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

No matter the size of your company, TBS provides you with dependable enterprise-level IT infrastructure and support services created just for Deltek and Intuit products and scaled to your needs. For access to the fastest connection speeds and greatest continuity of services, we connect directly to the Internet backbone at our centers through Level(3)® Communications, one of the four largest Internet backbone providers today.

Other infrastructure features include:

  • Secured Internet-based access with globally accepted security certificates
  • All software owned by client for greater system control
  • Client SOX Compliance Support
  • Well-defined Disaster Recovery (DR) program with all data always backed up offsite and encrypted.
  • All software in latest versions with all upgrades and patches
  • 24-hour support
  • Solution scalability from 10 to 10,000 employees and more

By constantly raising the bar on its standards, TBS is creating an IT infrastructure that goes the distance to meet your needs today, and in the years ahead.