Cloud Hosting

Your TBS Cloud – The Sky’s The Limit.

Turn to the pages of Sloan MIT Review, Wall Street Journal, Federal Computer Week, or CIO and you’ll read about “The Cloud.” Here’s what you need to know:

  • The TBS cloud is a Public Enterprise Cloud, meaning our hosted environment is optimized, scaled and ready to go, no matter the size, shape or budget of your business. Only clouds like ours truly save you time and money.
  • Private clouds – often called “managed hosting” or “managed IT services” – require unique hardware set-ups for each client. So, you pay for the same server infrastructure you’d manage onsite yourself PLUS your host provider’s margin.
  • When you host your accounting software yourself, you invest in hardware, personnel, and ongoing maintenance and upgrades – a constant commitment to floor space, security, backups, consultants, salaries and more.

To learn more, read our whitepaper series – Understanding The Cloud: What’s Best For Your Enterprise.

So, a lot goes into building the TBS hosting cloud – it’s been specifically engineered to host Deltek® and Intuit® software products and that’s why it locks in ROI from the start. When you host your accounting software with TBS you pay a flat fee per-seat – for that you receive a world-class level of IT service, security and support at a fraction of the cost of in-house or “managed” hosting.

Tomorrow’s IT Today

Today the focus is on “Cloud Hosting” – but it’s a service that we have been providing since 2004. With IT operations evolving into a utility service and in-house departments becoming a costly liability, we saw that companies would be looking beyond their own doors for the support they deserve. At TBS we provide approachable, scalable IT solutions that put you in control and deliver more and more value – secure, anywhere access, intelligent reporting, and ready integration with your other corporate systems.

Rather than let mid-sized government contractors and architectural/engineering firms struggle with costly internal IT management, we took it out of the equation. Today we’re busy pioneering the next level of hosting – with approachable and affordable intelligent reporting tools like Claritas, and our I.C.E. integration suite.

With TBS, your company can experience a world-class level of IT service, security, and support for your Deltek® or Intuit® system at a fraction of the cost. Try us.