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Based upon your IT resources, user expertise, and infrastructure management requirements, TBS offers both Custom Cloud and Community Platform hosting models. Both deliver peerless performance, support and compliance.

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TBS is the global hosting leader for Deltek, Aspire, QuickBooks, Jamis, Proteus Envision and more, with 500+ customers and more than 100,000 daily active users around the world.

All TBS Cloud solutions are CMMC Level-3, ITAR, NIST800, FAR52 compliant and more, and assured with an annual SOC2 Type II audit. TBS offers both platform-as-a-service – typically chosen by small-to-mid-sized businesses – as well as infrastructure-as-a-service hosting, most often for global enterprises. (CMMC Level-5 environments are available as well.)

Both models are imminently available, flexible, and integration-ready, and both offer direct DB and admin access upon request.

Whether you select PaaS or IaaS hosting for your Deltek and other solutions, TBS’s core service offering is all-inclusive:

  • Secure remote access from any internet connection
  • 256 AES data Encryption In-Flight and Encryption At-Rest, with 128-bit application security
  • https and SSL internet protocols
  • Installation of all software, patches, and hot fixes
  • Managed version upgrades
  • Automated off-site encrypted back ups
  • Fixed-rate hosting fees
  • Hardware, database software, database licenses and remote access software (no additional fees)
  • No-charge Standard TBS Support.

TBS is platform agnostic when it comes to hosting your back-end database infrastructure.

Our Engineering and DBA teams are equally well-versed with both Oracle and SQL database management, optimization, delivery and support. Though TBS enterprise customers generally prefer Oracle database hosting on dedicated infrastructure, TBS’s classic platform hosting model for Deltek – originally built for the IT and budgetary concerns of smaller businesses – is also Oracle based.

TBS also offers SQL hosting for large enterprises – including mirrored models with Always-On Availability – and, of course, some SQL platform hosting for SMBs depending upon the particular needs of their ERPs.


  • whether you choose Oracle or SQL Enterprise or Standard, ALL DB licensing, maintenance and support are included within TBS’s hosting fees
  • businesses currently running their Deltek and other GovCon solutions on-premise may ditch their prior Oracle and SQL licensing and associated costs when they move to TBS hosting
  • additionally, all TBS hosting models support broad, open and agnostic integration methods for both SQL and Oracle datasets, whether running in a Community (platform) or Custom (dedicated infrastructure) Cloud.

Both TBS hosting models – Custom and Community – offer comprehensive administrative access and integration protocols to support data syncs from Costpoint and other ERPs to third-party systems either running on-premise or elsewhere in the Cloud.

TBS integration support is most often utilized for corporate reporting, HR, Payroll, CRM, Manufacturing and Expense Reporting, though TBS has built nearly 1,000 Cloud connectors for a myriad of systems. TBS customers are free to build their own integrations when hosting with TBS as well.

Clients interested in additional automation and SLA support for their integrations may opt for the Aspire Connect platform, the first and only integration paradigm for Deltek that delivers data connections as standardized applications. With Aspire Connect TBS Development leverages preexisting foundational utilities to accelerate delivery and add sophisticated functionality out of the box. These core components include:

  • secure role-based authentication and logins
  • flexible on-line universal data mapping
  • integrated audit trail logging and alerts for all transactions
  • automated data archiving
  • easy-to-use data synchronization calendars for “set-it-and-forget-it” scheduling
  • built-in support for various transmission protocols and web services, including RESTFUL data calls, and for multiple file formats (including legacy CSV)
  • an intuitive web-based user experience.

For hosted product updates and upgrades, TBS performs extensive system, security and operability testing prior to customer acceptance and production deployment.

All TBS Engineering and Product Support for regular hotfixes, service packs and point releases are included within our hosting fees.

For Deltek products especially, our Support teams actively communicate with provider representatives to understand forthcoming functionality and roadmaps. As TBS learns of new product updates, our Engineering teams install and test releases in dedicated test environments for stable operability and security. TBS Product teams also performs limited functional “smoke” testing for any new product releases.

When we determine that new releases meet our operability and security benchmarks, TBS then begins the process of scheduling upgrades for customer UAT environments for testing and training. Once that testing and acceptance are successfully completed, production environment upgrades are scheduled.

We also handle all database, OS, and server systems updates for you as well.

TBS SLAs guarantee 99.99% Up-Time and Availability.

Highlights include: 

  • Network and Server Up-Time 7 days a week excluding scheduled maintenance (1:01 a.m. to 2:59 a.m.)
  • Committed Hosted Response Time: 95% 1-2 seconds, 5% 2-5 seconds
  • Severe Business Impact: TBS Support responds to service incidents that affect multiple users (typically more than 10) within 15 minutes, resolves the issue within 1 hour, and updates status every 30 minutes
  • Major Business Impact: TBS Support responds to service incidents that affect individual users within 60 minutes, resolves the issue within 4 hours, and updates status every 30 minutes
  • Minor Business Impact: For non-critical inquiries (no impact on service quality), TBS Support responds within 90 minutes, delivers an answer within 2 hours, and updates status every 2 hours

TBS collocates with Century Link (formerly Level 3 Communications) in both McLean and Herndon, Virginia, for our Primary Hosting Centers, and in Atlanta, Georgia, for our Secondary Hosting Center where back-ups and disaster recovery services are performed.

TBS owns all hosting infrastructure – firewalls, routers, switches, storage appliances and servers – and only utilizes Century Link for cabinet space, power and direct internet backbone access. All TBS hosting facilities are “lights out.” For assured compliance, TBS does NOT use Century Link’s “helping hands” for support.

All TBS hosting centers are built to Tier-4 Data Center specifications – the highest level of integrity – and are designated by the Department of Homeland Security as “critical infrastructure,” sitting on 2 power grids with 4 diesel generators for back-up power. As most of the telecommunications traffic in Northern Virginia also runs through the colocation facility utilized by TBS as our Primary Hosting Center, in the event of a declared disaster we’re “first in line” for diesel fuel after the Pentagon. All TBS collocation facilities are monitored 24 x 7 x 365 by live personnel and video surveillance. Dual-factor authentication is achieved by requiring each entrant to have an NFC-enabled badge with matching biometric key (hand print).

TBS hosting services are continually monitored by our Engineering and Support teams for uninterrupted availability (99.99 SLAs). This includes around-the-clock support and monitoring every day, including network surveillance, availability and security and health reporting. All TBS hosting centers are within the continental United States, in keeping with our SOC2-assured ITAR compliance.

TBS utilizes a Secondary Hosting Center in Atlanta, Georgia that is geographically remote from our Primary Hosting Centers in McLean and Herndon, Virginia.

All hosting centers have been designated by the Department of Homeland Security as “critical infrastructure,” and sit on 2 power grids and with 4 diesel generators for back-up power. All collocation facilities are monitored 24 x 7 x 365 by live personnel and video surveillance, and are built to Tier-4 Data Center specifications – the highest level of integrity.

The Atlanta Hosting Center is utilized for all application, system and DB back-ups, and for all disaster recovery services. All back-ups are streamed in an encrypted manner to Georgia, and all backed-up data is also encrypted at rest. Per TBS SLAs, in the event of a declared disaster (in which TBS has NO PHYSICAL AND REMOTE ACCESS to its Primary Hosting Centers), ALL TBS customers will be restored from Atlanta. All TBS disaster recovery protocols and controls are assured annually under our SOC2 Type II audit, and TBS performs two audited DR recovery simulations each year. TBS’s standard RTO and RPO are 4 hours.

TBS Hosting Centers meet all DFARS 252.204-7012 standards for non-public, non-top-secret data, and TBS compliance is assured via our annual SOC2 Type II audit, incorporating all AICPA Trust Services Principles for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy.

TBS’s SOC2 audit also assures ITAR, NIST800 and CMMC Level-3 compliance, with CMMC Level-5 environments available as well. TBS owns all our hosting infrastructure, and we only utilize our employees for services we perform. (All TBS employees are U.S. citizens.) TBS does not use subcontractors or third-party hosting center “helping hands,” and does not utilize outsourced hosting services providers. In this way, TBS has complete security control across our entire stack – hosted infrastructure, OSes, databases and hosted software – covering all employees and departments: engineering, product support, development, service and sales.

All TBS Cloud services and delivery conform to FISMA “Moderate” controls including:

  • Access controls (logical and physical protections)
  • Personnel security (e.g., background screening)
  • Network and system protections (e.g., firewalls, malware protection)
  • Security and privacy policies and procedures
  • Security awareness training.

Both TBS hosting models – our Community PaaS and Custom IaaS offerings – are imminently available, flexible and integration-ready, and both offer direct DB and admin access upon request.

TBS offers optional Concierge Support for its Deltek Costpoint customers, a dedicated and specialized level of functional product support for Costpoint, Time & Expense, Cognos and more that’s in line with Deltek’s own “Select Care” program.

For an additional monthly fee, TBS Concierge Support for Deltek includes:

  • A dedicated customer point of contact and “Help Desk” for all support issues relating to Deltek hosting and Deltek products
  • Care for all product-related functional issues, and interactions with Deltek Support as needed on our customers’ behalf, tracking all resolution and follow-up
  • Coordinating basic product training for customers
  • Concierge Support also includes all Standard TBS Support features.

When opting for TBS Concierge Support most customers reduce their Deltek Support tier to a standard level, resulting in additional cost savings.

Professional and Technical Services

TBS resources deliver broad technical, functional and project management know-how to increase the performance of your systems and to save you precious time.

Managed IT Security Services

Compliance Readiness, Execution and Delivery: ITAR, FISMA, NIST, DFARS, now CMMC.

Aspire GovCon Accounting

Aspire levels the playing field for growing government contractors that need DCAA-compliant accounting and project management solutions with limited budgets.

Our Cloud. Your Way.

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Case Study

When five industry leading businesses – Comprehensive Health Services (CHS), Janus Global Operations, Project Time & Cost, Sallyport and Michael Baker Global Services – merged to form Acuity International, their accounting and IT teams were charged with consolidating multiple ERP entities into one Costpoint system. Acuity chose TBS as its trusted partner for Deltek hosting and infrastructure migration, and as a technical advisor and collaborator for its data and other functional consultants.

Our Commitment to You


With dedicated product specialists for every system we host, TBS Support is always available to assist with any access, connectivity, integration, and functional matters. With our Concierge team, we work directly with your software providers on your behalf too. Live TBS Support is ready to help during your business hours, every day, and after hours as needed for emergency fixes.