Real Time Claritas Reporting

Claritas ~ personal project insights, any time, any where.

Claritas, from TBS, is project performance intelligence
unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Fast. Accurate. On-The-Go.

Real-time, interactive views give you posted, unposted and unprocessed accounting details, without waiting for accounting. Dashboards and alerts keep you up-to-date, even on your tablet or mobile device. Claritas Project Budgeting & Forecasting are easy to use and flexible... really.

Claritas starts at just $50 per seat per month for TBS-hosted orgs, and can be yours in just 48 hours, with NO implementation and NO consulting set-up.

With Claritas you get:

  • Always-on access, straight from the web to your PC or tablet
  • Performance dashboards – live alerts and feeds highlight project profitability, period of performance progress, unallocated fees, vendor and pay rate discrepancies and more
  • Projects – real-time project summaries, with posted, unposted and unprocessed labor, expense reports, and AP vouchers, including indirect burden
  • Workforce – real-time labor utilization by employee and subcontractor, posted and unposted hours and indirect costs
  • Budgets – upload and update your project budgets directly from Microsoft© Excel
  • Forecasts – real-time and easy-to-use resource planning: map out your employee and subcontractor hours by project, by team, by org
  • Financials – live Statement of Indirect Expenses, interactive Income Statements, project, division and org P&Ls
  • Automatic Synchronization – Instant integration with Deltek© GCS Premier and Costpoint and Intuit© QuickBooks, and your TBS-hosted Time & Expense and Kelsoft Time-Ade
  • FREE Quarterly Updates – new features, reports and alerts are added every quarter at no charge, constantly increasing your ROI.