Managed IT Security Services

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Managed IT Security

Compliance Readiness, Execution and Delivery: ITAR, FISMA, NIST, DFARS, CMMC.

Every business faces a unique IT landscape with varying degrees of user expertise and staff resources, multiple work sites and office environments, and distinct compliance mandates and readiness. TBS is here to help.

IT Security Services

As every business has a unique combination of expertise, resources, work sites and work environments – and each is at a different point along its compliance path – TBS offers our CMMC readiness and managed desktops suite as a comprehensive fixed-price engagement.

This allows you to dive in where you’re most comfortable and ready:

  • Desktop support for your staff and subs
  • Understanding your readiness for CMMC and other regulatory regimes, or
  • Enhancing and drafting your IT policies and procedures for compliance.
With TBS, you move to complete compliance at your pace, as your business priorities dictate.
  • CMMC Readiness

  • IT Policies

  • ISSM as a Service

  • Managed Desktops

  • User HelpDesks

  • CMMC RPs

As compliance mandates for GovCon IT continue to expand in complexity and scope, TBS security services keep steady pace. As the long shadow of COVID-19 continues to turbocharge hybrid work, our customers turn to us more than ever to extend our IT expertise to their on-premise and far flung workstations and networks. Whether on our Cloud platforms or your infrastructure, we support and service organizations with global and mobile workforces, distributed technology and stringent security requirements. We handle your GovCon compliance requirements and delivery, freeing you to focus on what you do best.

Leveraging our deep knowledge of numerous regulatory regimes with the latest agency requirements and audit source materials, TBS experts assess your current IT policies and practices to determine your compliance success.

You select your requirements – CMMC, NIST800, FAR52, ITAR, CUI, and more – then we:

  • “Crosswalk” published IT controls with your best practices
  • Review your established policies and procedures
  • Interview your staff and leadership for understanding, adherence and improvements
  • Provide a compliance gap analysis and readiness report

Per your compliance readiness and gap analysis, TBS guides your staff on required updates and additions, and drafts new policies for you.

Our practitioners:

  • Write tailored policies for compliance shortcomings and update your existing procedures as needed
  • Build an active training program for all staff and subcontractors, then disseminate and demonstrate end-user best practices for IT security
  • Coordinate and assist with IT security inspections, tests, and reviews
  • Develop and maintain company SSP (System Security Plans), assisting with government sponsored, hosted and on-premise information systems security
  • Plan and prepare for potential future-state compliance regimes
  • At least quarterly, review organizational IT security with your FSO for current-state compliance with CMMC+, and recommend additional IT solutions, if required
  • Connect you with the right CMMC assessor options

TBS’s desktop delivery and support suite is designed for your business systems and your people, providing an accessible and responsive helpdesk backed by leading technical and engineering resources – all built for the teaming and compliance needs of government contractors.

We cover all your users and your systems:

  • workstations and other devices whether remote or on-premise
  • hardware procurement
  • desktop office apps
  • OSes
  • email
  • collaboration tools
  • line-of-business apps
  • networking
  • user access and authentication
  • document storage
  • disaster recovery
  • calling.

All backed with superior 24x7x365 support for business leaders, power users, and the less technically savvy.

Our Cloud. Your Way.

Our mission is to provide customized Cloud solutions that truly fit your business and deliver more value, no matter the size, scope and reach of your enterprise.

Custom Enterprise Hosting

TBS is the only GovCon Cloud Provider that offers truly custom infrastructure and platform solutions – built in collaboration to your specifications.

Aspire GovCon Accounting

Aspire levels the playing field for growing government contractors that need DCAA-compliant accounting and project management solutions with limited budgets.

Professional and Technical Services

TBS resources deliver broad technical, functional and project management know-how to increase the performance of your systems and to save you precious time.

Responsive help for your

IT users and your IT team.

Our teams are ready to support yours with compliance readiness, managed desktops, and remote and on-premise help desks.
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Case Study

Like many global defense contractors preparing for CMMC, FDRA needed to assess whether its current IT policies and systems met required certification levels, and to prepare for accreditation with a certified RPO. TBS’s security expertise and managed IT support services (with compliance built-it) became a seamless match, as COVID 19 also moved FRDA into new and unplanned hybrid work scenarios.

Our Commitment to You


With dedicated product specialists for every system we host, TBS Support is always available to assist with any access, connectivity, integration, and functional matters. With our Concierge team, we work directly with your software providers on your behalf too. Live TBS Support is ready to help during your business hours, every day, and after hours as needed for emergency fixes.