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“Put Your Data on I.C.E”

Integrated Cloud Exchange

Connect your TBS-hosted data with your other corporate software – securely, efficiently, cost-effectively.

The TBS I.C.E. (Integrated Cloud Exchange) platform securely and cost-effectively connects your hosted data to third-party systems either on-premise or elsewhere in The Cloud, including other ERPs, Payroll, HR, CRM, Manufacturing, Reporting and corporate solutions.

All I.C.E. integrations include:

  • an on-line interface with role-base security,

  • utilities for scheduled or on-demand syncs,

  • cross-walk mapping functionality, and

  • robust audit logging at the transaction level.

I.C.E includes built-in support for various transmission protocols, APIs, and Web Services including RESTFUL data calls, as well as multiple file formats (including legacy CSV).

I.C.E transforms the traditional ETL process because, with I.C.E, both the Extract and Load phases are handled by existing TBS Cloud applications and utilities. So, the typical I.C.E integration only requires the Transform step to be spec’d and written. And, as data transformation requirements are typically the domain of an organization’s subject matter experts (accountants, business analysts, project managers, HR specialists,, the I.C.E development process does NOT require third-party consultants.

As a result, I.C.E. integrations are quick to build and far more cost-effective than conventional consulting-based data integrations. Since the launch of I.C.E in 2011, TBS has built more than 200 connectors for its hosted Deltek systems, most frequently for third-party HR, Payroll, CRM and reporting systems, whether elsewhere in The Cloud or on-premise at customer sites. The average I.C.E connector is created in a matter of weeks, including requirements gathering and sign-off, development, testing and deployment.

I.C.E is delivered by TBS as a SaaS product, so after initial configuration costs, every I.C.E connector is maintained by TBS for a low monthly subscription fee. This means that the I.C.E platform must perform per TBS SLAs, that all I.C.E connectors are automatically upgraded as the applications they sync with advance (e.g. when new Costpoint SysFiles are released, or a payroll provider revs its version), and that I.C.E integrations never “break.”

Like all products in the TBS Cloud, TBS Support, Engineering and Dev teams ensure that everything runs smoothly and reliably. Additionally, TBS rolls out periodic user experience enhancements for all I.C.E integrations at no charge.

All I.C.E integrations are managed securely within the TBS SSAE16 SOC2 Type II audit-assured Cloud. All data flowing to, from and within the TBS I.C.E. platform is Encrypted In-Flight and Encrypted At-Rest.

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