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Altus Integrated Services

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Built upon our heritage of technological innovation and steadfast compliance, Altus Integrated Services from TBS provide flexible support for your business – Cloud apps and hosting, cybersecurity and managed IT, even accounting and compliance services – freeing you to focus on project delivery and growth.

GovCon Back-Office as a Service

As your GovCon business starts to scale – adding new project sites and contract teams, and moving into prime positions – you'll face the inevitable challenge: whether to invest in your client-facing teams or in your administrative infrastructure and staffing. The implications for your ability to seize new work and to pace your growth are significant. With Altus Integrated Services, you do both at the same time – scale your operations and your opportunities.

If you're ready to embrace Cloud services for your remote teams, we've got you covered with secure options for your desktop apps, email, on-line meetings, even GovCon project accounting. If you're looking to get ready for CMMC certification or need guidance with additional compliance for ITAR, DCAA, NIST or more, our practitioners and ISSMs are ready to step in. And, if today's tight labor market means you're unable to quickly build out your team, our staffing resources are available to handle your accounting, IT and more. All for a reliable monthly fee.

  • Managed IT Services

  • Managed Cybersecurity

  • GovCon Compliance

  • GovCon Back-Office

  • Cloud Hosting

  • Service Bundles

Altus Integrated Services are scalable and flexible. Pick the support options you need at any time. Three ready-to-go service bundles – Bronze, Silver and Gold – offer the best value depending upon your pace of growth.

Altus Integrated Services take care of your technology needs, spanning data assurance and business continuity, networking support and resilience, help for your desktop deployments and your users, as well as systems procurement and installations.

The Altus suite provides comprehensive IT coverage, whether your resources and your workers are on site or remote, and includes:

  • Backups
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Network Monitoring and Management
  • Managed Network Services
  • Desktop Support plus Managed Workstations
  • Remote Help Desk services
  • GCC High options
  • Infrastructure and Systems Procurement.

While many businesses experiencing rapid growth are seeking cybersecurity personnel, they are also simultaneously the most targeted and vulnerable for attacks. The results are often doubly perilous – while the threats against your business are rising rapidly you may lack the critical resources to keep you protected.

Altus managed cybersecurity services include Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) plus enhanced email security with Spam and DNS filter management. We also add in Phishing prevention to keep all your sites, devices and people safe.

When it comes to staffing, complete GovCon compliance requires distinct talent and focused expertise – for assessment and readiness, IT policymaking and proliferation, and your security leadership. Though hiring is hard, especially with today's tight labor force, you're best off with dedicated personnel for each. Altus Integrated Services help with:

  • Risk Assessments: We help you understand where your vulnerabilities lie thanks to our deep knowledge of numerous regulatory regimes and the latest agency requirements. We review your existing policies and procedures, interview your staff and leadership for adherence and improvements, and provide a compliance gap analysis.
  • CMMC Readiness Engagements: If you're looking for CMMC compliance, our registered practitioners write tailored policies for covering any gaps and update your existing procedures as needed. We connect you with the right CMMC assessor options too.
  • IT Policy Management: In addition to developing and maintain your company's System Security Plans, we build an active training program for your staff and subcontractors, and disseminate and demonstrate end-user best practices for IT security.
  • vCISO (virtual CISO): Altus staff provide strategic guidance to help you plan and prepare for forthcoming compliance regimes, and deliver quarterly reviews of your current compliance with CMMC and more, making sure you stay on track as regulations evolve.
  • vISSM (virtual ISSM): The Altus back-office team also coordinates and assists with any ongoing IT security inspections, tests, and reviews as mandated by your contracts and compliance requirements.

The Altus back-office solutions includes both the staffing and the software you need for core operations. For a reliable monthly fee, you're covered for:

  • GovCon Accounting: with AP and AR processing, GL bookkeeping and reconciliations, project reporting, invoicing and financial operations (includes Aspire project accounting or bring your own ERP)
  • Document Management and File Servers: with our SkyVault CMIS solution, enjoy a unified experience for document collaboration, shared authoring, version control and more. SkyVault syncs with any existing file server or may act as one providing back-end storage via standard desktop and mobile OS file management.
  • Systems Integration and Management: If you're looking to sync your various systems, including the transformation and automation of data flows, the Altus integration platform (called Integrated Cloud Exchange) is included at no additional charge.

The class-leading hosting expertise of TBS is also bundled with all Altus services, enabling secure, compliant and resilient Cloud access for any application or service, including:

  • Data Center Hosting: if you utilize an existing data center, the Altus team manages it for you providing remote security and controls, maintenance, updates, enhancements and support
  • Infrastructure as a Service: if you require dedicated private infrastructure for your custom or line-of-business apps, the TBS hosting team supports all manner of infrastructure, delivery, virtualization, containers and more, including support for Oracle and SQL data
  • Platform as a Service hosting and management are also available for apps that require less delivery complexity or customized control, or where more modest IT services are a better fit.

Based upon your business requirements, Altus Integrated Services are available in flexible bundles that cover your managed IT plus compliance, along with apps and services for accounting, project management and more.

Pick the package that's best for you, or go a la carte. Change at any time.

Altus Integrated Services' core, or “Bronze,” package includes both:

Managed IT Services

  • Backups
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Network Monitoring and Management
  • Managed Network Services
  • Desktop Support/Managed Workstations
  • GCC High
  • Remote Support/Help Desk
  • Infrastructure and Systems Procurement


Managed Cybersecurity

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Enhanced Email Security
  • Spam and DNS Filter Management
  • Phishing Prevention

A Silver package also includes:

GovCon (CMMC, NIST 800-171, ITAR) Compliance

  • Risk Assessments
  • CMMC Readiness Engagements
  • IT Policy Management
  • vCISO (virtual CISO)
  • vISSM (virtual ISSM/fractional ISSM)

 And the Gold tier wraps in:

GovCon Back Office Services (includes apps)

  • GovCon Accounting – with Aspire
  • Docs Management + File Server – with SkyVault CMIS
  • Systems Integration and Management – w/ I.C.E.

Additional GovCon Cloud Services are available too, including:

  • Data Center Hosting
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Platform as a Service.


Our Cloud. Your Way.

Our mission is to provide customized Cloud solutions that truly fit your business and deliver more value, no matter the size, scope and reach of your enterprise.

Custom Enterprise Hosting

TBS is the only GovCon Cloud Provider that offers truly custom infrastructure and platform solutions – built in collaboration to your specifications.

Managed IT Security Services

Compliance Readiness, Execution and Delivery: ITAR, FISMA, NIST, DFARS, now CMMC.

Professional and Technical Services

TBS resources deliver broad technical, functional and project management know-how to increase the performance of your systems and to save you precious time.

Altus Back-Office.
Focus on what you do best.
We'll handle the rest.

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Case Study

Like many global defense contractors preparing for CMMC, FDRA needed to assess whether its current IT policies and systems met required certification levels, and to prepare for accreditation with a certified RPO. TBS’s security expertise and managed IT support services (with compliance built-it) became a seamless match, as COVID 19 also moved FRDA into new and unplanned hybrid work scenarios.

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With dedicated product specialists for every system we host, TBS Support is always available to assist with any access, connectivity, integration, and functional matters. With our Concierge team, we work directly with your software providers on your behalf too. Live TBS Support is ready to help during your business hours, every day, and after hours as needed for emergency fixes.