Integrated Cloud Exchange From TBS.

Connect your Deltek® data with your other corporate software – securely, efficiently, cost-effectively.

TBS I.C.E. (Integrated Cloud Exchange) is a SaaS-based platform designed to securely and cost-effectively connect and integrate cloud-hosted Deltek data with any Accounting, HR, CRM, or ERP software on the market.

Leveraging the best-in-class scalability, security and audit-compliance benefits of the TBS Enterprise Cloud, ICE gives direct control of corporate data migration and integration to those who care the most – CFOs, Accounting Directors, HR Managers, and their staff.

Like all TBS products, ICE is an approachable, user-focused platform, so its intuitive interface connects directly with your Deltek software and the other applications your data integrates with. Once your Integrated Cloud Exchange is set, any authorized user can run your data integration on-demand, set automatic integration for regular intervals, and view real-time audit reports.

And, because ICE operates in the TBS Enterprise Cloud, you enjoy complete audit compliance and security – your integrated data is always safe within our cloud environment.

TBS ICE is powerful, flexible and transparent. So, if you’re looking to integrate corporate data among multiple software products, or across departments or subsidiaries, you:

  • No longer need turn to your IT staff or external programmers to create complicated queries or conversion routines to get your data from point A to point B. (When you involve third-party IT, you lose full SOX, SSAE16-SOC2, and MA201 compliance.)
  • Eliminate the significant time and expense associated with customized integration software written by third-party “Data Consultants.” The discovery, development and delivery of individualized applications typically take months and cost tens of thousands of dollars. These custom applications are NOT upgradable or scalable either, so if your software versions change or you want to connect to other apps, more custom consulting is required.

ICE is built using TBS’s Service Oriented Architecture in the TBS Cloud, so it can be configured, deployed and connected to your Deltek and other software in just a matter of days.

And, ICE costs a fraction of the custom-built solutions offered by Data Consultants.

ICE is also fully forward-compatible and scalable, so as your software versions and needs advance, ICE does so too, automatically.

Key features include:

  • Authorized access to ICE any time, any where, right from the TBS Enterprise Cloud, so accounting staff has immediate access to Integration capabilities.
  • Run Integration on-demand, with just the click of a button.
  • Set it and forget it. Integration happens automatically per regular intervals you designate right in the ICE settings.
  • Real-time audit reports and report histories give you immediate access to integration errors and fixes, and complete traceability.

To put your data on ICE, contact us today at 703.444.6562 and learn more about:

ICE for TBS Claritas
ICE for Deltek GCS Premier®
ICE for Deltek Costpoint®
ICE for Deltek Time Collection™
ICE for PeopleSoft
ICE for QuickBooks