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For our friends from InfoTek Consulting.

Welcome to TBS.

Was TBS the first Deltek Partner to host Costpoint, Time & Expense, GCS and Vision?

Yes. Technology & Business Solutions LLC launched the first Cloud for Deltek back in 2004. We have been the GovCon Cloud pioneer for nearly 15 years. TBS empowers organizations to expand and stretch their Deltek investment – to get more with less – through intelligent, connected, mobile technologies.

We call this “The Power of The Cloud” – transforming legacy business systems and processes with more capability, more visibility, more interconnectivity and more security.

Because of our unrivaled ITAR compliance, Deltek has designated TBS as a preferred Cloud partner for GovWin SaaS.

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When will my system transition to the TBS Cloud? How long will that take?

TBS and Infotek Consulting are collaborating closely on your migration to the TBS Cloud.

Infotek’s Patti Kirk will initiate your transition with a formal email notice and schedule. From there, TBS Support Director, Tom Dunn, will call you to personally to coordinate your transition directly with you.

Overall, your complete transition from Infotek to TBS should span 7 to 10 days, with your final live launch in the TBS Cloud slated for a weekend to minimize your downtime.

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Will I experience any downtime during the transition to TBS?

No. The TBS hosting platform is ready and available for your system now. In collaboration with you, TBS Support schedules a transition period of 72 hours for your migration. We’ll coordinate and execute your secure data transfer, software updates (if necessary), and user provisioning.

After migration, your TBS-hosted system will be available “in test mode” for 24 hours. With your final go-ahead, your system will then be launched into production during non-business hours, ensuring no downtime.

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What’s the availability of TBS’s Support Team? How do I contact TBS Support? What’s covered?

Standard TBS Support is available via phone and email during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday), as well as during extended business hours for Western time zones as needed. In addition to these live hours, TBS Support is available via email on an emergency basis, 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

TBS Product Directors and Support personnel handle all access, data and system / product operability issues for all TBS customers – all included at no additional charge as part of TBS’s standard hosting service and fees.

All Product Directors boast a minimum of 10 years of hands-on experience with their respective products, as controllers, accounting managers, project managers or CPAs.

TBS additionally offers optional “Concierge Support” for its Deltek customers, a dedicated and specialized level of FUNCTIONAL product support for Costpoint, Time & Expense, GCS Premier, CER, that’s akin to Deltek’s own “Select Care” support. For an additional monthly fee, TBS Concierge Support for Deltek includes:

  • A dedicated customer point of contact or “Help Desk” for ALL support issues relating to Deltek Hosting AND Deltek Products

  • TBS addresses ALL product-related functional issues, and interacts with Deltek Support on our customer’s behalf as needed

  • TBS coordinates product training for the customer, as needed

  • Concierge Support also includes all Standard Support features.

When opting for TBS Concierge Support, most customers find they may reduce their Deltek maintenance to the “standard” Deltek support tier, a solid reduction in cost.

For our GCS Premier customers, TBS also offers two handy self-service apps:

  • a Password Reset Utility available right on your on-line TBS portal

  • a GCS Data Directory Self-Service tool which empowers you to create monthly and annual GCS directory back-ups with the click of a button. Once created, Back-ups instantly appear in your GCS data directory list at log-in.

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Who do I contact to add more hosted products?

If you’re interested in TBS hosting for your other corporate systems, contact, or call 703.444.6562 extension 1.

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What are TBS’s performance and availability SLAs?

Detailed Service Level Agreements are incorporated into your TBS contract. TBS SLAs include: Hours of Support, Response Times for critical and non-critical issues, and a Defined Maintenance window.

Some highlights:

  • Up-Time Guarantee for Network and Servers: 99.99% from 3:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.,
    7 days a week, excluding scheduled maintenance times (1:01 a.m. to 2:59 a.m.)

  • Committed Response Time: 95% 1-2 seconds, 5% 2-5 seconds

  • Disaster Recovery: 48-hour disaster recovery

  • Any individual outage in excess of a 1-hour period or a sum of outages exceeding 6 hours per month are not considered normal service levels

  • TBS responds to service incidents that affect multiple users (typically more than 10) within 30 minutes, resolves the problem within 1 hour, and updates status every 30 minutes

  • TBS responds to service incidents that affect individual users within 60 minutes, resolves the problem within 4 hours, and updates status every 30 minutes

  • For non-critical inquiries (no impact on service quality), TBS responds within 90 minutes, delivers an answer within 2 hours, and updates status every 2 hours

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What audit assurance does TBS provide?

TBS’s annual AICPA SOC2 Type II audit assures comprehensive security and compliance across the “full stack” of our Cloud delivery and services, and incorporates all AICPA “Trust Services Principles” for Data Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality and Privacy. as well as SOX, MA201, DISA and CMS support.

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What about ITAR, NIST800 and FAR52 compliance?

TBS owns all its hosting infrastructure, and only utilizes TBS employees for all services. (ALL TBS employees are U.S. citizens.) TBS does not use subcontractors or third-party hosting center “helping hands,” and does not utilize outsourced hosting services providers. In this way, TBS has complete security control across its ENTIRE stack – hosted infrastructure, OSes, databases, hosted software – and covering ALL TBS employees and departments: engineering, product support, development, service and sales. The TBS owner-platform hosting model means TBS delivers comprehensive assurance for DFARS 252.204-7012, ITAR and NIST800 compliance.

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Where are TBS’s Hosting Centers?

TBS collocates with Level 3 Communications / Century Link in both McLean, Virginia, our Primary Hosting Center, and Atlanta, Georgia, our Secondary Hosting Center, where back-ups and disaster recovery services are performed. TBS owns all hosting infrastructure – firewalls, routers, switches, storage appliances and servers – and only utilizes Level 3 / Century Link for cabinet space, power, and, of course, direct internet backbone access. Both Level 3 / Century Link facilities (at the Primary and Secondary Centers) are “lights out,” and TBS does NOT use Level 3 / Century Link’s “helping hands” for support.

Both hosting centers have been designated by the Department of Homeland Security as “critical infrastructure,” and both centers sit on 2 power grids and have 4 diesel generators for back-up power. Dual factor authentication is achieved by requiring each entrant to have an NFC-enabled badge with matching biometric key (hand print). Both collocation facilities are monitored 24-7-365 by live personnel and video surveillance, and are built to Tier-4 Data Center specifications – the very highest level of integrity.

As most of the telecommunications traffic in Northern Virginia also runs through the colocation facility utilized by TBS as its Primary Hosting Center, in the event of a declared disaster this facility is “first in line” for diesel fuel after The Pentagon.

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What about network security and user authentication?

All connectivity is provided via encrypted data streams over the open Internet. TBS typically utilizes remote authentication over SSL to local customer AD. Most Deltek applications do NOT support SAML2, but TBS may utilize this protocol if preferred, as Deltek adds SAML2 product support. Individual SSL host-based VPN is also available. MPLS and site-to-site VPN are not provided to preserve security for both customer and TBS.

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How is my data protected?

All customer databases and data sets uniquely belong to each TBS customer and reside on their own customer-specific servers. Customer data is physically and logically separated from all other customer data sets. All TBS-hosted products are Encrypted In-Flight with either 128-bit SSL or 256-bit AES. The TBS-hosted Deltek Costpoint suite, as well as all TBS products such as I.C.E., Claritas, AutoMate A/P, SkyVault and Aspire, are also Encrypted At-Rest, with 256-AES encryption. All data back-ups are Encrypted At-Rest.

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What about back-ups and disaster recovery?

TBS utilizes its Secondary Hosting Center in Atlanta for all application, system and DB back-ups, and for any disaster recovery services. Automated nightly back-ups are streamed in an encrypted manner to Georgia, and all backed-up data is also encrypted at rest. Per TBS SLAs, in the event of a declared disaster (in which TBS has NO PHYSICAL AND REMOTE ACCESS to its Primary Hosting Center), ALL TBS customers will be restored from Atlanta within 72 hours. All TBS disaster recovery protocols and controls are assured annually under the SOC2 Type II audit, and TBS performs two audited DR recovery simulations each year.

Rolling 30-day back-ups are available. All back-up policies, procedures, testing and off-site storage are included in and audited as SOC 2 Type II elements. All inflight data originating from or terminating in TBS hosting facilities is encrypted with either 128-bit SSL or 256-bit AES encryption. All data back-ups are Encrypted At-Rest.

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How do I connect my TBS hosted data with other systems?

TBS customers my leverage our I.C.E. (Integrated Cloud Exchange) platform to securely connect their hosted systems with third-party or corporate Reporting, H.R., Payroll, CRM, Manufacturing and other systems, whether on-premise or elsewhere in the Cloud. I.C.E is available as a subscription (SaaS) service, and includes built-in support for various transmission protocols, APIs, and Web Services including RESTFUL data calls, as well as multiple file formats (including legacy CSV). I.C.E is accessed by end users via an intuitive web-based user interface, so functional experts (not DBAs or IT consultants) control their own integrations.

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When does TBS invoice me for hosting services, and are my hosting rates changing?

Most TBS customers are on a quarterly invoicing cycle, with invoices presented for payment about 20 days in advance of the coming quarter. Your hosting rates will NOT change at this time, as TBS is honoring all current InfoTek hosting and services commitments.

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What other solutions does TBS offer?

TBS offers targeted SaaS products that support Deltek and QuickBooks, including Claritas Executive and Project Dashboards, SkyVault Project and Document Collaboration, AutoMate A/P and AutoMate Subcontractor Timesheets.

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What other services does TBS offer?

TBS offers a full range of advisory services for Deltek and Aspire, including functional consulting, project management, training, data conversions, and implementations.

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Who do I contact if I have any more questions?

TBS's Support Director, Tom Dunn, is available to answer any questions you may have about your transition, TBS support, services and SaaS, or hosting for additional products. Email Tom at or call 703.955.3204.

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