TBS Customer First


At TBS, we pride ourselves on putting our customers first -- not their software vendors, or their consultants, or a rigid IT roadmap. Our Customer First philosophy drives everything about our Enterprise Cloud Platform -- from our reliable pricing, to our instant scalability, our best-in-class SLAs, our unrivaled support, our superior security and compliance regime, our automatic no-cost software upgrades.

But most importantly, putting customers first means organizations gain real advantages when they host their accounting systems with TBS. Simply stated, TBS hosting empowers your accounting and project teams with a bundle of essential benefits.

  • the flexibility to work anywhere -- on the road, securely at government sites, or at home
  • the agility to change with your business -- our hosting platform expands and contracts with your business, add users whenever you need, automatically
  • the cost-savings that increase revenue -- without the worry of managing your own Deltek or Intuit system, you save significant IT overhead, and you can redeploy your IT staff to billable projects
  • the freedom to pay for only what you use -- our Deltek Time Collection and Expense hosting is based upon your ACTUAL users month-to-month; database and document storage charges always match what you really use; and, when you subscribe to TBS Claritas and TBS I.C.E. (our integration platform), you pay by the seat
  • the financial relief of no more hardware -- never worry again about server maintenance and up-keep, database management and licensing, or back-up systems and storage requirements; never invest in these again either
  • the confidence of automatic software upgrades -- TBS Support installs all of your hosted software updates for you -- version upgrades, quarterly updates, year-end fixes -- at no charge
  • the power of instant financial insight -- with TBS Claritas, you get real-time project and financial performance understanding, with posted and unposted Deltek data on demand; Claritas also automatically adjusts to your business changes -- new divisional breakdowns or rate pools, for instance
  • the peace of mind from the very best security and regulatory compliance -- 256 AES and SSL encryption, an SSAE16-SOC2 regime (formerly SAS 70 Type II) that attests to SOX, MA201, ITAR, CMS, DISA compliance, and more.

If you're considering hosting your accounting system in the Cloud, your business and your people deserve a partner that has the experience, the technology and the integrity to place its customers first.

Call TBS at 703.444.6562, or email us at info@TBS-llc.com, to learn more.


And, remember, not all clouds have a silver lining. Here's a handy checklist of highlights, to help you evaluate your needs and how hosting providers stack up.

Ask Your Potential Cloud Providers:My TBS CloudTheir Cloud
Is Cloud Hosting and delivery your sole business offering, or do you also provide implementation and accounting consulting?Technology onlyConsulting companies sell hosting as a loss-leader in order to up-sell other services
Does your Cloud scale with my business? Can I add users whenever I want? Any additional charges?Automatic scalabilityNew business requirements often result in additional consulting charges and potentially new hardware
Does your Cloud deliver hosted applications as a platform, or do customers run different application versions and app patches?Apps as platformCustomers run whatever software versions they want with no built-in upgrade enhancements; Customers still pay for Deltek Support, but never benefit from auto software updates
Are your hosted software updates included as part of my Cloud fees?Updates includedOften buried as line-items with additional software consulting
What is your Cloud’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) for reliability and availability?99.99%Ask to see their SLA, make sure you know what it covers
Do you have multiple and redundant Cloud Hosting Data Centers?Redundant data centersTypically only one data center location, causing disaster recovery delays
Can I connect my Cloud software with my other corporate systems?Yes. I.C.E. integrationNo integration platform – connectors are expensive and static custom programming
We’re an ITAR-compliant company, are all your employees US-born, US citizens?100% US-born, US-citizenshipTBS is the only Deltek Hosting Provider with 100% US-born, US-citizenship employees
Where are your Hosting Centers located?USAHosting Centers often overseas, compromising ITAR compliance
Where is my Cloud Data?USA. At TBS CentersMany providers subcontract their hosting to third parties
As of 2011, does your Cloud now attest to an SSAE16 SOC2 qualifying environment?Yes. SSAE16 SOC2 attestationAsk to see their SSAE16 plans and status
Does your audit cover Hardware, Facilities, Cloud Operating Systems, Data Base Systems, AND the Hosted Deltek Software?Yes. "Full Stack" SSAE16 SOC2Typically does NOT include DBs or hosted Deltek software
Does your Cloud comply with MA 201 (Massachusetts Data Protection Law) standards for personnel data protection?Yes. MA 201Ask to see their MA 201 status
Is my Cloud Data protected with SSL and AES-256 encryption?SSL & AES-256Ask for their data encryption details
What is your Cloud’s Disaster Recovery Plan?48-hour DRAsk to see their DR plan