TBS Video Intro to Claritas My Projects

VIDEO: An introduction to Claritas Daily Job Cost Reports.

This brief 4-minute video provides an informative introduction to Claritas, a preconfigured project performance app for PMs and executives that works with Deltek GCS Premier and Costpoint and Intuit QuickBooks.

The demo video highlights Claritas Daily Job Cost Reports, which deliver real-time project performance insights including all posted project expenses plus daily labor from in-progress employee and subcontractor timesheets and travel and expenses not yet posted for payment.

Claritas includes a suite of interactive dashboards and performance modules for project managers, financial managers and business leaders. Claritas' 85+ performance reports include Labor Utilization views, a live Statement of Indirect Expenses, and easy-to-use Project Budgeting and Forecasting.


(4:00 minute run-time)

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To subscribe to Claritas, contact sales@tbs-llc.com or 703.444.6562 x.501.

For Claritas support, contact support@tbs-llc.com or 703.444.6562.



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