IT. Agility for Your Enterprise?

IT. Agility for Your Enterprise?

This white paper by Jay Ethridge and Joe Jezior of Technology & Business Solutions (TBS) discusses how Enterprise Clouds are ushering in a new era of "Agile IT," technology that is flexible, nimble and scalable, empowering businesses to evolve and thrive. It’s the sixth in a series of TBS white papers on cloud computing that defines the enterprise cloud and discusses its benefits, why companies of all sizes, including Google, Microsoft and the Federal Government, are embracing it, and how you can leverage this new technology at your firm.



What is “Agile IT”?

 In today’s world of mobile, cloud computing, it’s best-in-class technology that:

  • Scales along with your enterprise and is fully forward-compatible – as the needs of your business advance, agile IT bends and flexes too, cost-effectively with no additional capital expenditures.
  • Continually delivers instant and ongoing ROI
  • Provides control and flexibility directly to end users and decision makers, not IT managers and consultants

Does this describe your IT investment?

Since your internal deployment, what has happened to your business?
Has everything gone according to plan?
Have market opportunities expanded more rapidly?
Have you contracted service offerings?
Have their been acquisitions? New partnerships?

In each of these instances, it’s likely that your internal IT infrastructure has been either over-engineered or, in most cases, under-engineered in the face of these unforeseen circumstances. As such, today you’re likely investing too much already in your internal Deltek deployment, or are facing another significant commitment to planning, infrastructure, and implementation to get your IT caught up with your business needs. It may even be months before corporate approvals, purchasing, and deployment are complete. Meanwhile, your business continues to change.

In an Enterprise Cloud environment such at the TBS cloud, Deltek data and software are delivered as a platform to ALL users simultaneously. In this way, every enterprise user gains the benefits of the very best performance, security, and delivery, because their environment is the very same one available to over 20,000 other users too. When cloud delivery is platform based the requirements of a large “public” community ensure the very best performance and functionality is available to all. The SalesForce CRM is a prime example of this user-driven dynamic. As more and more users experience cloud services as a platform, the demand for richer and deeper features is heard and met, time and again. Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, recently stated “we’re betting our company on cloud computing,” understanding that its best path to serving and expanding its massive business customer base is through feature-rich, constantly evolving platforms as a service.

So, at the point of implementation for those using the TBS Cloud, the needs of the workforce are the only consideration. Gone are investments in hardware, static software versions, and on-site infrastructure for servers and back-ups. As a result, this agile IT environment is immediately capable of meeting the changing requirements of your team. Fast-forward to today, as the shape and demands of your business are likely far different than they were when you first deployed Deltek. To keep up, the TBS Enterprise Cloud automatically resizes to support your company’s growth. And, as your needs change, it’s just a matter of turning on instant smart reporting (Claritas) and integration (called “I.C.E.”) to sync your Deltek data with your other systems through our cloud-powered exchange. As a result, you get ongoing ROI for your enterprise, and ever-improving performance and capabilities for your team. This is IT that’s as nimble and flexible as you need to be. It’s IT for today and tomorrow.

Remember, not all clouds are the same. Private clouds, sometimes called “managed hosting,” do NOT deliver their products as platforms – one industry-leading template deployed to all users all the time – but instead they require unique hardware and software installations based upon each client’s current needs and budgets. As a result, when your business demands agile IT scaling in the future, your private cloud set-up will be confined by the fixed hardware and software configurations built for you several months or years before. You’ll find that your “cloud” is not as agile or cost-effective as you might think.

Agile Enterprise Cloud environments provide ongoing access to the latest software versions, as well additional capabilities and tools that make your accounting and corporate data more approachable and accessible. From TBS, these enhanced cloud-offerings improve Project Managers’ contract performance, Financial Managers’ ability to understand and correct cost and fee issues immediately, and on-demand, seamless interoperability of your Deltek data with other corporate CRM, ERP, HR or Accounting systems.

So, in the TBS Enterprise Cloud, ongoing upgrades to the latest versions of Deltek GCS Premier®, Time & Expense™, Vision®, Costpoint and EPM happen automatically and seamlessly, bringing enhanced capabilities to all users quarter after quarter. If your Project Managers want immediate access to real-time contract accounting data -- including posted, unposted, and unproccesed entries -- and instant alerts when 70% of cost, period of performance or budget are  reached, the TBS Claritas intelligent reporting platform can be turned on and deployed for your PMs in just a matter of hours. The latest quarterly update for Claritas brings with it a new module for Financial Managers, so your accounting users gain access to single-stream project data they can sort, drill through, and analyze right on screen for immediate action.

The TBS integration platform, called I.C.E., is a cloud-based appliance that links up Deltek software to other Accounting, HR, CRM, or ERP systems. With TBS cloud integration, critical corporate data is directly exchanged -- NOT modified or handled, thus maintaining audit compliance – platform to platform. As a result, customized onsite consulting and application development is eliminated, saving significant time and expense. TBS I.C.E. integration is rapid, secure, and error-free, and may be customized and deployed for users in a matter of days, not months -- agile IT at its best.

One other fine opportunity for agile IT is the exciting forthcoming release of Deltek Costpoint 7, which promises some of the most robust functionality and technology changes ever delivered. Is your internal or private host environment flexible and nimble enough to make this jump?

A new survey of some 2,000 CIOs by Gartner, the world’s leading IT research company, finds that: "New lighter-weight technologies -- such as cloud computing…enable the CIO to redefine IT, giving it a greater focus on growth and strategic impact." Gartner further adds that " currently, 3 percent of CIOs have the majority of IT running in the cloud or on SaaS technologies, but over the next four years CIOs expect this number to increase to 43 percent." These technologies, Gartner says, empower CIOs to drive down costs and plow resources back into projects aimed at making their companies more competitive.

When it comes to agile IT, Enterprise Clouds are leading the way. Just as your business must be flexible, nimble, and scalable to compete, evolve, and thrive, your IT can be too.



As the largest provider of cloud hosting for Deltek software, minority-owned TBS serves hundreds of customers with thousands of users across the globe. We know that public enterprise clouds ensure the most secure delivery with the very best regulatory compliance, and provide the broadest range of world-class IT solutions for companies of all sizes. Stay tuned to this white paper series. Over the coming months we’ll explore these important cloud computing topics:

To craft an enterprise cloud model tailored to your organization's needs, contact TBS or call 703.444.6562.

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