TBS Video TBS WedDAV Connection

HOW-TO VIDEO: Setting Up Your TBS WebDAV Connection

This short video shows how to create a WebDAV connection to the TBS Hosting Center, for quick file uploads and downloads.

Your TBS Hosting Center WebDAV connection -- for Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning  -- is a handy and quick way to push and pull files between your desktop and TBS, most often used by TBS customers with Deltek products running both locally and in the TBS Cloud. In this video, TBS Support demonstrates:

  • how to map your TBS Hosting Center URL as a "local network drive,"
  • how to input your TBS log-in credentials for WebDAV,
  • how to find your TBS WebDAV folders (for Time & Expense file imports and exports, for instance).

TBS Support also shows how to drag/drop or copy/paste your files directly into or from your WebDAV folders. (4:05 minute run-time)


TBS WebDAV Video


Contact TBS Director of Client Services Jon Gray at support@TBS-llc.com.