HOW-TO VIDEO: Deltek Time & Expense Utilization Inquiry

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HOW-TO VIDEO: Deltek Time & Expense Utilization Inquiry

In this quick video, our Deltek Time & Expense Product Director walks users through simple steps to query team utilization.

The Deltek Time & Expense Utilization Inquiry is a useful but often overlooked report that sorts and organizes your team's utilization levels. TBS Product Director, Lee Leonard, walks users through the Time & Expense Utilization Inquiry, showing:

  • how to run the report based upon actual hours and date ranges,
  • how to select and show Direct Labor, Indirect Labor and Leave for your team or group,
  • how to print Utilization Inquiry Reports or save them as PDFs.

Lee also explains how to set up your own utlization types, so you can review and manage team time based upon your particular business or contract requirements. (3:28 minute run-time)


Time & Expense Utilization Video


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