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Product Updates and New Releases

Claritas Q4 Update adds Actual vs. Budget comparisons for Cost-Plus Contracts.

No other accounting system offers this Cost-Plus Performance Report.
Q4 Update also includes 2 handy apps for GCS.

Monday, December 18 – The Q4 Update for TBS’s Claritas project reporting app adds budget tracking at the Employee / Subcontractor and Labor Category levels for Cost-Plus contracts – a first for any project-based financial management system.

“Neither Costpoint, GCS nor Vision, and certainly not QuickBooks, provides such valuable, sophisticated and real-time project cost visibility,” says TBS’s Vice President of Development, Eric Brown.

An original Deltek founder and co-author of System 1, the first commercially available accounting software for government contractors, Mr. Brown led the development of Costpoint, GCS and Vision while at Deltek for 20+ years.

At TBS, Mr. Brown’s development team creates tailored apps designed to solve some of the most stubborn challenges facing project-based businesses – timely Project Reporting with Claritas, streamlined Accounts Payable processing with AutoMate, mobile Project Collaboration with SkyVault, and automated Data Connections with I.C.E (Integrated Cloud Exchange).

“Today, Claritas provides the only out-of-the-box reports for Cost-Plus Projects that include real-time comparisons for budgeted labor and costs with those accruing daily. This includes all employee and subcontractor labor, travel and ODCs, and even those from unposted timesheets and unprocessed invoices,” says Mr. Brown.

With Claritas, PMs and financial analysts build their forecasts “bottom up” at the contract or task level. Claritas forecasts include monthly project employee / subcontractor hours by labor category and account plus monthly project ODCs, all on one screen. The app's ever expanding and easy-to-use planning features continue to drive a steady growth in the Claritas customer base.

With the Q4 update, TBS also adds to its new Aspire Dashboard for Claritas with two handy self-service apps – a one-click GCS data directory back-up tool, and a TBS password reset utility.

“Usability is always a huge focus for us as we create Claritas, SkyVault and AutoMate,” continues Mr. Brown. “Intuitive experiences not only empower businesses to achieve, they eliminate unnecessary consulting.”

With the new GCS Self-Service App, authorized users create monthly and annual directory back-ups right on their Aspire dashboard, instead of logging into Claritas first.

Users simply tap to create a Monthly Back-Up or an Annual Audit Back-Up for AP or Payroll. Back-ups are instantly generated and automatically appear in the GCS data directory list.

Through Aspire TBS provides a growing suite of Cloud-powered automation apps that empower businesses to get more out of their existing system investments.

Concludes Mr. Brown: “At TBS we continue to invest in and develop solutions that enhance GCS, Costpoint, QuickBooks and more, because that’s the power of The Cloud – transforming systems with accessible, secure and insightful technology.”

To learn more about the Claritas Q4 update or to schedule your Claritas Demo, email or call 703.444.6562 x1.

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Claritas is the flagship SaaS product from TBS, aggregating project performance details – including posted, unposted and unprocessed data — from an organization’s hosted QuickBooks or Deltek system into a suite of interactive dashboards and performance modules for project managers, financial managers and business leaders. In addition to 85 other performance views, Claritas includes daily Project Summary reports, Labor Utilization analysis, and a live Statement of Indirects, as well as easy-to-use Project Budgeting and Forecasting.

Claritas Multi-Project Labor View.

Claritas Multi-Project Labor View.

Single Project Forecast View.

Single Project Forecast View.

GCS dashboard with self-service apps.

GCS dashboard with self-service apps.

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