Claritas adds user-friendly Project & Workforce Forecasting Features with Q1 Update.


TBS delivers 34th consecutive Quarterly Claritas Update.
More Usability and Dashboard Updates on the way


Monday, March 26 – With its Claritas Q1 Update, TBS adds new Project Forecasting features, including:

  • robust sorting controls for Employee and Subcontractor Workforce Forecasts
  • an option to add Inactive Projects to the Multi-Project Forecast View for quick historical look-ups.

In response to rising customer demand, TBS continues to steadily enhance Claritas Forecasting to deliver a cost-effective and easy-to-use project planning tool. Lauded for its powerful and approachable project reporting, Claritas is available to organizations hosting GCS Premier, Costpoint and QuickBooks in the ITAR-, FAR52- and NIST800-compliant TBS Cloud.

“In an era of uncertainty with legacy GovCon ERPs and rising software costs, Claritas and the TBS Cloud continue to deliver high-value quarterly functional enhancements like clock-work,” say TBS Co-Founders Jay Ethridge and Joe Jezior.

With Claritas, Project Managers and Financial Analysts build their Project Forecasts at either the Contract or Task level. Claritas Forecasts include monthly Project Employee Hours by Labor Category and Account, as well as Monthly Project ODCs, for a complete forecast year by year, all on one screen.

Multi-Project Forecast View


Personnel managers may also build monthly Workforce Forecasts for both full- and part-time Employees and Subcontractors for current and future fiscal years.

Workforce Forecasts


The heart of Claritas Forecasting is the Single Project Forecast View, which captures a Project's entire fiscal year – with real-time performance comparisons for budgeted scenarios, incurred labor and expenses, and on-going forecasts on a single screen. For past periods, PMs click into Labor, ODCs and Indirect Expenses to see monthly cost details. Current period cost reports include daily unposted and unprocessed labor and expenses from in-progress Time-Ade or Time Collection timesheets not yet approved.

Single Project Forecast


PMs and Analysts also forecast their Targeted Indirect Rates, enabling them to project future impacts from Fringe, Overhead and G&A changes on their comprehensive annual project plans.

Forecast Indirect Rates


TBS customers access Claritas via their Aspire Dashboard, which includes performance charts and self-service utilities, plus launchers for their hosted products and TBS's automation apps.

TBS Dashboard


TBS apps are designed to solve the most stubborn challenges facing project-based businesses – timely Project Reporting with Claritas, streamlined Accounts Payable processing with AutoMate A/P, mobile Project Collaboration with SkyVault, and automated Data Connections with I.C.E (Integrated Cloud Exchange).

“Usability is always a huge focus for us as we create Claritas, SkyVault and AutoMate, and there's more to come,” says Eric Brown, TBS Vice President for Development. “Intuitive experiences not only empower businesses to achieve, they eliminate unnecessary consulting.”

An original Deltek founder and co-author of System 1, the first commercially available accounting software for government contractors, Mr. Brown led the development of Costpoint, GCS and Vision while at Deltek for 20+ years.


To learn more about the Claritas Q1 update or to schedule your Claritas Demo,
email or call 703.444.6562 x1.


Claritas is the flagship SaaS product from TBS, aggregating project performance details – including posted, unposted and unprocessed data from an organization’s hosted QuickBooks or Deltek system into a suite of interactive dashboards and performance modules for project managers, financial managers and business leaders. In addition to 85 other performance views, Claritas includes daily Project Summary reports, Labor Utilization analysis, and a live Statement of Indirects, as well as easy-to-use Project Budgeting and Forecasting.

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