Hosted Products Supported

Hosted Products Supported

Cloud hosting to optimize your business processes—it’s our core capability at TBS and one we seek to improve upon every day. TBS is a service partner to more than 700 government contractors and project-based businesses with over 55,000 worldwide employees using Deltek®, Intuit®, Safran and Kelsoft products hosted in the TBS Cloud. These products include:


Deltek GCS Premier

Deltek GCS Premier is a powerful, easy-to-use solution that manages corporate finances and project accounting, while also dramatically reducing operating costs and expensive risks. And, because it is compliant with DCAA for cost accounting systems, GCS Premier can meet the financial management and audit needs of even the most demanding government contractor.


Deltek Time & Expense

Deltek’s Time & Expense is a time/expense entry system designed to provide greater flexibility and control in project/task and expense report management through the electronic entry and approval of employee timesheets and expense reports. Based on 15 user defined tables for data collection and a solid foundation of thoughtful design, Deltek’s Time & Expense (T&E) can meet the needs of a high number of business clients today. Whether you are a government contractor or subcontractor, or a commercial firm, the enormous flexibility of Deltek’s T&E allows you to configure a time collection or expense system that meets your individual business needs.


Deltek Costpoint

Deltek Costpoint is the industry-leading enterprise management software solution designed specifically to meet the unique business needs of sophisticated project-driven organizations. Costpoint tracks, manages and reports on every aspect of a project business: planning, estimating, proposals, budgets, purchasing, billing, human resources, business performance management and project manufacturing.


Deltek Enterprise Project Management (EPM)

Deltek's Enterprise Project Management software suite easily integrates cost, scheduling and resource information empowering your program team with reliable program status and earned value reports they can trust. Deltek EPM helps your team to better manage your projects - demonstrating the real value of program controls information.


Deltek Vision

Deltek Vision is a powerful software solution that empowers everyone in your company to be in control of the critical business processes that define your success. From upper management to project management and accounting, Deltek Vision helps your teams work better together.


Deltek Costpoint Enterprise Reporting (CER)

Deltek CER delivers concise, accurate and timely information by enabling the three major areas of Performance Management – planning, monitoring and reporting. By creating a 'single version of the truth,' information is standardized making performance tracking and planning more meaningful across your entire organization.


Deltek GCS Premier Analytics

GCS Premier Analytics provides you with real-time visibility into your company’s financial performance, resource allocations, and project profitability. This powerful, web-based, business intelligence solution will help you proactively mitigate risk across your organization without costly customization.


Deltek Cognos Impromptu for GCS Premier and Time & Expense

Cognos Impromptu for GCS Premier and Time & expense allows you to create reports from your GCS and/or T&E data source and distribute them to business users and project managers across the organization for better decisions and improved corporate performance.

Deltek GovWin Capture Management

Deltek GovWin Capture Management is the only comprehensive business development and capture software designed specifically for government contractors. The software provides a full range of lead management, proposal automation and opportunity management capabilities that enable government contractors to make faster, more concise bid decisions. With Deltek GovWin Capture Management you can empower sales; dramatically improve contract win and retention; increase revenue, and reduce sales and marketing costs..


Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier & Enterprise

Financial accounting software doesn't have to be confusing and costly. QuickBooks Desktop Pro / Premier is flexible accounting software that can grow with your business while providing all the tools you need to organize your books, track sales, and better understand business data through customized reports. For more advanced reporting, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is also available.


SNA Proteus

SNA Proteus offers complete project and portfolio management functionality for your enterprise. Proteus provides the necessary control of complex, time critical projects, delivering the functionality and performance required for managing projects across large organizations regardless of the scale or dispersal of geographical locations. Proteus combines power with simplicity through robust charting, graphing and reporting functionality, making deviations in cost and schedule easy to identify.


SNA Proteus Envision

Proteus Envision is a powerful application that synchronizes enterprise and project management data turning it into information regardless of the underlying application or data source. With Proteus Envision organizations and companies maximize their return on investment from existing ERP and best-of-breed PM systems by viewing multi-source information in a cohesive and coherent manner in one place. Proteus Envision gives your company a toolbox for keeping data in sync for more effective management and efficiencies — breaking down organization barriers.


Kelsoft Time-Ade

Kelsoft Time-Ade is user-friendly and budget-friendly time sheet SaaS for Intuit QuickBooks and Deltek GCS Premier that's optimized for small- to medium-sized organizations and government contractors. Time-Ade is easy to use for employees and subcontractors, flexible for management and accounting, and compliant and secure with robust audit logging.