Bottom Line Returns

Real Value That Adds Up

From the start, TBS cloud hosting solutions lower the cost of Deltek software ownership for your company.

Our rapid-start system implementations (usually 48 hours or less) guide you towards the best solution and configuration for your needs, eliminate costly start-up delays, and ensure you capture the ROI you deserve from your software subscription. Hidden costs? There are none. In fact, our fees have stayed the same for years, and remain some of the most competitive in the market.

And as Deltek’s only cloud hosting partner since 2004, we can provide a wealth of specialized industry insight in terms of optimizing and supporting your system to deliver the best value for your operations.

Value Built In

In addition, TBS hosting offers clients such value-added features as:

  • Complete ownership of and Internet access to each product
  • Immediate installation and updating of all software, patches, and upgrades
  • No additional investment in personnel, hardware, or other
  • Solution scalability from 10 to 10,000 employees and more
  • Enterprise-class multi-layer security, hardware-based encryption and intrusion detection
  • Automated off-site encrypted back-ups

How does all of this add up for you? Typically, we save our clients between 25 and 35% in raw costs with every implementation, not to mention internal personnel cost and opportunity costs.

Here’s proof from our calculators – a breakdown of Year 1-5 Annual Amortized Costs based upon a representative user’s needs.