Stratas Disaster Recovery

Stratas Disaster Recovery

Does your Accounting Department have a Deltek disaster recovery plan? If disaster strikes, is it ready to lead? With Stratas DR from TBS, The Cloud is your silver lining.

If you deploy and manage and your Deltek system in-house, Stratas Disaster Recovery automatically protects and ensures your entire accounting suite in a run-ready state – GCS Premier, Vision or Costpoint, Time & Expense and reporting – safely and securely in the SOC2 TBS Cloud.

With Stratas DR if your business experiences a disaster-related interruption, your Deltek system and your Accounting Department will be ready and running in 48 hours, with exactly the same data and Deltek application environment as before the power failure, or weather emergency, or even worse.

By protecting your most critical financial functions, Stratas DR is not only disaster recovery for accounting and finance, it’s a lifeline for your business

If an emergency event or disaster compromises your facility or prevents your staff from gaining access to critical business locations, in just 48 hours Stratas DR from TBS:

  • Enables your employees and contractors to file their time sheets and expense reports from anywhere they have an internet connection.
  • Ensures your Accounting department and Deltek system are running just as before, safely and securely from the TBS Enterprise Cloud.
  • Restores your ability to perform critical accounting functions – processing payroll, receiving payments and paying vendors – to get your business back on its feet.
  • Empowers your Accounting department to lead your business recovery, never mind the weather, or the power outage, or the emergency you might be facing.

When you’re ready for a strong, proven disaster recovery solution, TBS will rapidly safeguard your Deltek environment with Stratas DR (we’ll have your Deltek system protected in our Cloud in just 48 hours). If disaster strikes, TBS will ensure your Deltek DATA AND APPLICATIONS are ready and open for business in 48 hours too – all at a price that’s comparable to what you may already be paying just for data back-ups today.