Cloud Checklist

Today, Cloud Hosting makes world-class IT approachable and readily available to any business consumer. And, the very best clouds – called Public Enterprise Clouds – deliver their solutions as platforms, meaning their hosted environments are optimized and ready to go, no matter your size, shape or budget. These clouds provide unrivaled security, regulatory compliance and scalability, delivering significant ROI rapidly and for years to come.

Private clouds – often called “managed hosting” or “managed IT services” – require unique hardware set-ups and software installations based upon each and every client’s requirements, know-how and budgets. This “lowest common denominator” approach means you pay for the same infrastructure you’d manage onsite yourself – without the best-in-class security, compliance and scalability platform -- PLUS your host provider’s margin.

The bottom line. Not all clouds are the same. If you’re considering hosting Deltek in “The Cloud,” here’s an important and insightful list to put to your would-be providers -- from A to Z.

Capability My TBS Cloud Their Cloud
A. Is Cloud Hosting and delivery your sole business offering, or do you also provide implementation and accounting consulting? Technology only Consulting companies sell hosting as a loss-leader in order to up-sell other services
B. What’s your employee-to-customer ratio? 5% A 1:1 (or 100%) employee-to-customer ratio indicates that hosting is not a core competency
C. What’s your Cloud’s Business Plan – more consulting or new technology? New technology Consulting drives revenue, little incentive for technology investment
D. Does your Cloud scale with my business? Can I add users whenever I want? Any additional charges? Automatic scalability New business requirements often result in additional consulting charges and potentially new hardware
E. Does your Cloud deliver hosted applications as a platform, or do customers run different application versions and app patches? Apps as platform Customers run whatever software versions they want with no built-in upgrade enhancements; Customers still pay for Deltek Support, but never benefit from auto software updates
F. Are your hosted software updates included as part of my Cloud fees? Updates included Often buried as line-items with additional software consulting
G. Is your Cloud powered by a singular, load-balanced hardware infrastructure, or do you provide unique hardware set-ups customer by customer? Singular hardware Unique hardware customer-by-customer means future charges for server upgrades
H. What is your Cloud’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) for reliability and availability? 99.99% Ask to see their SLA, make sure you know what it covers
I. Do you have multiple and redundant Cloud Hosting Data Centers? Redundant data centers Typically only one data center location, causing disaster recovery delays
J. Are your Cloud hosting rates fixes, or should I expect to pay more next year? Fixed rates Add-on services mean total hosting-related charges may double by year three
K. Can I connect my Cloud software with my other corporate systems? Yes. I.C.E. integration No integration platform – connectors are expensive and static custom programming
Compliance My TBS Cloud Their Cloud
L. Are your Hosting Centers protected with biometric access controls, uninterruptible power, fire and flood security, and daily encrypted off-site back-ups? Yes. Fully protected. Ask to see their back-up procedures
M. We’re an ITAR-compliant company, are all your employees US-born, US citizens? 100% US-born, US-citizenship TBS is the only Deltek Hosting Provider with 100% US-born, US-citizenship employees
N. Where are your Hosting Centers located? USA Hosting Centers often overseas, compromising ITAR compliance
O. Where is my Cloud Data? USA. At TBS Centers Many providers subcontract their hosting to third parties
P. Do you restrict access to my Cloud Data? TBS employees only Subcontractor access typically allowed (US-born citizens?)
Q. Do you restrict access to my Hosted Apps? TBS employees only Subcontractor access typically allowed
R. Who applies Software Upgrades and Patches? TBS employees only (minimum 7 years’ Deltek experience) Subcontractor access typically allowed
S. Do you restrict access to your Cloud Hardware Platform? TBS employees only Subcontractor access typically allowed
T. Who has access to restart your Cloud Servers and therefore data access? TBS employees only Subcontractor access typically allowed
U. Does your Cloud have an SSAE16-SOC2 audit, the AICPA standard for Cloud Computing and SaaS providers?
Yes. SSAE16-SOC2 audit
Ask to see their SOC2 audit report
V. Does your Cloud meet ALL AICPA "Trust Services Principles" for Cloud Data Security, Availability, Integrity, Confidentiality and Privacy? Yes. SSAE16-SOC2 audit
Ask to see their SOC2 audit report
W. Does your audit cover Hardware, Facilities, Cloud Operating Systems, Data Base Systems, and the Hosted Software? Yes. Complete SSAE16 Typically does NOT include DBs or hosted software
X. Does your Cloud comply with MA 201 (Massachusetts Data Protection Law) standards for personnel data protection? Yes. MA 201 Ask to see their MA 201 status
Y. Is my Cloud Data protected with SSL and AES-256 encryption? SSL & AES-256 Ask for their data encryption details
Z. What is your Cloud’s Disaster Recovery Plan? 48-hour DR Ask to see their DR plan