Business Approach

Superior Work From A True Partner

Our vision is to ensure that companies that use Deltek and Intuit products get the most out of them, in the most economical manner possible – through our hosted installation. We strongly believe that in order for the both of us to be successful in that endeavor that we should adhere to some fairly simple principles.


  • We must provide superior service at a reasonable price.
  • We only offer hosting – by staying focused we do a better job.
  • You own your data (and your software) – we will never hold it hostage.


  • Understanding: Achieving client satisfaction and trust is the key to the success of our company. Our number one priority is to have an in-depth knowledge of our customers’ needs and strive daily to exceed them.
  • Partnering: TBS’s success is based on partnering with respected firms to cost effectively enhance the services we provide to our clients, and by partnering with Deltek to ensure our solutions are as tightly integrated as possible.
  • Commitment: TBS hosts only Deltek® and Intuit products. By focusing on these vendors' application suites, TBS is able to provide enterprise level support very affordably.